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Which Granular Fertilizer is the Best One For My Lawn?

grass fertalizers
May 20th, 2019   Category: Yard Maintenance -

Top granular fertilizers for your grass

When you go to the store to buy fertilizer for your lawn, the fertilizer aisle can be overwhelming. Your mind is swirling with choices such as:

  • Do I want an organic fertilizer?
  • Which brand is the best?
  • Should I use a nitrogen-rich fertilizer?

Choosing the correct fertilizer for your yard doesn’t have to be difficult. Take a moment to learn about fertilizers so that you can easily choose the right one for your yard.

What kinds are fertilizers are there?

There are 3 basic fertilizer groupings. Understanding each type will help you decide what your yard needs. It may need only one, but more often it may need a combination.

1. NPK Fertilizers

These fertilizers are the most common type on the market. They contain specified levels of N- Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K), each which affects a specific developmental process in plants.

    • Nitrogen promotes foliage growth, leading to a greener and larger blades of grass.
    • Phosphorus creates healthier and more durable grass by stimulating root development.
    • Potassium contributes to the overall health of the plant, leading to a more weather tolerant and disease resistant grass.

2. pH Fertilizers

If you have ever added lime to your yard, you have used this type of fertilizer. Its function is to neutralize or alkalize the soil pH.

Most grass varieties prefer a soil pH of 6.5, which is a neutral pH balance. A soil with a neutral pH allows for optimal absorption of nutrients which in turn makes your grass healthier and more robust.

pH fertilizers such as lime try and create the optimum pH in your soil to create optimal growing conditions for your grass. You need to add them separately; they aren’t included in the other fertilizers we’re talking about in this article.

To determine what you need, buy a soil testing kit from your local home and garden store and test your soil in multiple locations.

Also keep in mind that using NPK fertilizers will acidify the soil over time, which causes poor nutrient uptake. This is why monitoring the pH of your lawn is something you need to do on a regular basis, and why pH and humate fertilizers and key parts to creating a healthy lawn.

If you want to learn more about establishing an optimal pH for your yard and landscaping, Fine Gardening has an excellent article discussing everything you need to know about pH.

3. Humate Fertilizers

These fertilizers build organic matter in soils and stimulate beneficial microbial activity; they are a key component in building healthy soil.

Fertilizers containing humates are often overlooked when designing a plan to nourish and maintain healthy soil in your yard. Humates contain a variety of components that are essential in the uptake of nutrients such as humus, humic acid, and fulvic acid. There are both organic and inorganic humic substances; organic coming from animals and plants, inorganic made in factories.

Organic humates are considered superior by many: in a nutshell, organic humates increase water absorption, enable higher nutrient uptake, condition and loosen the soil, and establish a healthy microbiome. Including them in your law fertilization plan will create healthier grass.

As you can see, no single fertilizer is the “best” one for every lawn. The best approach will be a combination of the above types, applied at least twice a year.

Does this sound like too much hassle? Cornerstone Landscaping offers a multi-step fertilization program in which we apply a variety of fertilizers through the year to make your lawn lush and beautiful. We’re committed to create and maintain a hassle-free lawn that will become your favorite place to sit and enjoy summer.

You will be astonished at the results proper fertilization can have on your lawn, whether you do the work yourself or hire a service to keep your lawn healthy and vibrant.

Give the experts at Cornerstone Landscaping and learn more about our lawn care programs.

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