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Waterscapes and Ponds

Showcase your property with a beautifully unique waterscape or pond

Cornerstone Landscapes creates custom designed and installed water features that provide value, beauty, and therapeutic relaxation. Fountains, ponds, waterfalls, and flowing streams can be incorporated into any landscape project.

We pay attention to details that many landscapers miss. Pump choice, water inputs, electrical needs, and proportionate designs are all critical in water feature design success. Our professional design team has the experience and knowledge needed to build you beautiful; eye-catching water features with quality materials that will last a lifetime.

Enhance the beauty of your outside living space

Gazebo Tupelo


Fountains can be made from virtually anything: pots, tree stumps, or even hand-made to match the style of your outdoor living space.

Our designers will create a fountain that uses high-quality materials, ensuring it will provide beauty and appeal that will stand the test of time. They help you choose a fountain vessel and style that complements your backyard landscape.

Our expertise goes beyond design, with attention to small but critical details such as balancing fountain height with the fountain vessel and using the correct variety of pump for your specific fountain.

Custom firepit and outdoor kitchen

Simple to Elaborate Water Features

We can design the perfect water feature for your outdoor living space. Our design professionals use their experience in water feature design to create a unique water element for your yard.

Our expertise doesn’t stop at design. We will make sure your water feature runs smoothly for its entire lifetime by using quality materials and technically appropriate pump sizes, adequate input and output water flow materials, and quality construction methods.

Custom  outdoor kitchen installation in Tupelo

Waterscapes Anywhere

Water features even work well in smaller areas. When designed correctly, a water feature will sit in the chosen area and seamlessly blend into the surroundings, never looking too big or too small for the yard space. Adding a fountain to your landscape design creates a unique focal point that visitors will remember.

We sit down and learn the goals of your water feature before we design it for you. We can design features that are inspirational, functional, environmentally significant, beautiful, and awe-inspiring.

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