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Grasses for Mississippi Yards

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April 23rd, 2018   Category: Plant Information -

The grass you choose for your yard makes a huge difference in the look and success of your yard. We all strive for the golf course look and often the type of grass in your yard will depend on getting close to those results.

We look at the three types of grasses that are popular due to the look and how they stand up to “Mississippi Summers” with hot temperatures and drought we experience.

Zoysia Grass

Our first grass is zoysia. This is a favorite of ours due to how tolerant it is to heat, low water and maintenance requirements. Zoysia is a tough grass that produces a dense lawn.

Zoysia Grass Facts

  • Warm season grass with cold-tolerance
  • Prefers sun and tolerates some light shade
  • Perfect for North Mississippi climate
  • Tolerant to heat and drought
  • Low maintenance
  • Dense look and stands up to foot traffic

Is Zoysia right for your home?

Zoysia grass requires about an inch of rain or irrigation per week. If planted around large trees or if the dirt has a high level of sand, it may require additional watering.

Thatch (a thick layer of organic matter that builds up at soil level) may develop due to zoysia’s denseness. Aeriation and dethatching is highly recommended in the spring so that the grass can recover during peak growth.

If you are maintaining your lawn, it is ideal to cut zoysia grass, so it maintains 1 – 1.5 inches.


Bermuda grass is extremely popular in the North Mississippi area due to its resilience and toughness. Bermuda grass comes back each year and late spring through summer is its most active growth period.

Bermudagrass Facts

  • Warm season grass
  • Requires good drainage and should be used in full sun areas of the yard
  • Perfect for North Mississippi yards
  • Tolerant to heat, traffic, and drought
  • Bermuda requires regular feedings and tends to be more high maintenance

Is Bermudagrass right for your yard?

Bermudagrass spreads both at the soil level as well as below soil level making it hard to contain. Known for its ability to “deep root” is one feature that makes the grass so resilient. Root systems can range from 6 inches to 6 feet or more in depth.

It tends to recuperate quickly making it the ideal choice for most yards. In our area, Bermudagrass goes dormant and turns brown after the first frost of winter.

We recommend keeping Bermudagrass at 1 – 1.5 inches. Even though it grows fast, we recommend fertilization each month during peak growth times (Spring-Fall). To keep Bermudagrass healthy, we recommend 1 – 1.5 inches of rainfall or irrigation weekly.

Centipede Grass

Another favorite for our area is Centipede grass which is relatively low maintenance and easy to care for.

Centipede Grass Facts

  • Heat-tolerant
  • Perfect for North Mississippi lawns
  • Low nutrient and maintenance
  • Shallow root system
  • Tolerates shady areas

Is Centipede grass right for your yard?

Centipede grass tolerates heat well, however, with its shallow root system extra irrigation is required during drought months we get too often in the summers.

If your soil consistency contains high levels of sand, centipede grass will flourish. Before choosing this type of grass, we recommend a soil test.

Centipede grass grows slower than other grasses we have covered. It creeps as it grows to create a dense lawn.

Centipede grass is much more fragile and doesn’t hold up to traffic like other grasses.

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