Property Drainage Solutions

Cornerstone Landscapes provides drainage services to fix problems with flooding, soggy lawns, and standing water. Drainage issues are often more than just a potential hazard; they often can be harmful to your landscape as well.

Proper drainage is important to your lawn and landscape as is proper irrigation. Standing water near plants or in your lawn can cause lawn disease and root disease in many common plants. Some plants and trees can even be killed by excess standing water.

Our designers can work with you to design a drainage solution that will work for your residential or commercial property.

Drainage System Types

French Drain Diagram - Wikipedia

French Drains

Some areas of your property hold water which can cause property damage, pest issues, as well as ruin landscape. A french drain provides an easy channel for the water to flow through to a safe distance where it can safely drain.

Dry creek drainage system

Dry Creek Beds

Properties built on a hill will benefit from a dry creek drainage system. Water that flows down the slope can cause erosion and landscape drainage issues. A dry creek drainage system not only is functional but adds beauty to most any property.

Swales and Culvert Ditch Drainage

Swales and Culverts

Every property needs drainage and some methods aren't as nice as others. We design a culvert around the drainage pipe to make the area of the property look more appealling. As many of our clients have put it, "Make the ditch look better."

Drainage Projects

Draining systems should be functional so they protect theinvestment in your property but they should also compliment the look of the property.

Culvert Drainage System

Property Drainage

Dry Creek Bed

Property Drainage

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