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Landscaping Tips

    drainage repair near me

    Posted In: Yard Maintenance

    Outside drainage issues can cost thousands of dollars in damage. Even a little rain can expose drainage problems. We go over the warning signs of drainage issues that could damage your home and yard.

    garden maintenence near me

    Posted In: Plant Information

    Drift roses are a popular addition to any landscaping project. With the combined elements of consistent blooming and hardiness of this rose variety, it is our go-to rose for many projects.

    why do cats eat grass

    Posted In: Projects

    A common customer question is why cats eat grass. While this will cause no damage to your yard, it is a question that may show health conditions in your feline friend.

    water feature design

    Posted In: Water Features

    Each yard is a unique template. Choosing the water feature that will create the character and mood you are looking for is a critical part of the design process. We will work with you closely to fully understand the feel you want in your yard space and customize our design ideas to create the oasis you have dreamed of.

    how to prevent brown patches in grass

    Posted In: Yard Maintenance

    Brown patches are the bane of warm-weather lawns. Your lush, green lawn turns into a sad looking yard full of brown patches that grow bigger and bigger. What do you do?

    grass fertalizers

    Posted In: Yard Maintenance

    Choosing the correct fertilizer for your yard doesn’t have to be difficult. Take a moment to learn about fertilizers so that you can easily choose the right one for your yard.

    should i hire a landscaper

    Posted In: Yard Maintenance

    For some, the choice of hiring a landscaper can seem lazy. It isn’t. It is more about how you choose to spend your time. We share some things to consider and help you justify hiring a landscaper.

    Posted In: Plant Information

    Shrubs add many benefits to your home landscape. They can provide shade, enhance air quality, improve soil stability, and create wildlife habitats for all types of creatures. Also, shrubs add an element of beauty to the yard, especially seasonal varieties that add color and texture year-round.

    water feature installation near me

    Posted In: Water Features

    Adding a water feature to your yard makes the space come alive. It can attract wildlife, create a soothing retreat, and much more. Choosing the right water feature will depend on the space as well as your specific taste.

    waterfall installer near me

    Posted In: Water Features

    Adding a water feature to your yard has endless benefits. Not only does it create a soothing sound and visual beauty, but also adds texture and movement to each landscape design.

    sod dealer near me

    Posted In: Plant Information

    The grass you choose for your yard makes a huge difference in the look and success of your yard. We all strive for the golf course look and often the type of grass in your yard will depend on getting close to those results.

    We look at the three types of grasses that are popular due to the look and how they stand up to “Mississippi Summers” with hot temperatures and drought we experience.

    crepe myrtle dealer near me

    Posted In: Plant Information

    Many of these varieties produce gorgeous flowers in the spring and also look great in the fall. They can be an attractive addition to any garden because they provide color all year long. They grow best in areas that have long, cool falls. If they’re hit by a sudden frost after a period of warm weather, the leaves are likely to freeze and fall off.

    seasonal landscape maintenence

    Posted In: Yard Maintenance

    When spring arrives, you want your landscaping to be ready for it. As with any season, there are a number of things you need to do to make certain your plants, flowers, and trees will be healthy during the growing season.

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