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Arbors and Fences

Enhance the beauty of your outside living space

There is something magical about a yard with an attractive arbor, gazebo, or pergola: the beauty of the wood structure contrasting the green landscape creates a magazine-quality retreat that beckons you to come outside and enjoy. Cornerstone has extensive experience in designing structures that create the mood you desire in your outdoor space while serving any functional needs you may have as well. The addition of arbors, gazebos, and pergolas to a landscape can transform your yard into a charming getaway.

Add privacy, safety, and functionality to your yard with a beautiful fence designed and built just for your needs. Cornerstone Landscaping designs and installs custom fencing to fit any décor such as privacy fences, good neighbor fences, and spaced picket fences. We have a wide assortment of woods and options to choose from including western red cedar, pressure trusted pine, redwood, composite, and many more.

Call us today at (662) 501-0181 to schedule a free consultation and let us show you how we could transform your yard with a beautiful arbor, gazebos, pergola, or fence.

Arbors and Gazebos

Arbors and gazebos provide an outdoor “room” that beckons you to come outside and enjoy your outdoor space. Varieties are endless and can be designed to fit any functional need and budget: our designers will go through a wide variety of styles and options for you to consider such as shape, benches, screened in areas, different roof types, and much more. Read on to discover how an arbor or gazebo could transform your outdoor living space.


Arbors offer a great alternative for the homeowner that wants to add a focal point or accent to their backyard but doesn’t want to use too much space to do so. A well-placed arbor can frame or accent a walkway or entry, provide a gardening haven for vines to wind around and bloom on, add a magical nighttime sparkle when draped with twinkle lights, or provide a shady retreat to curl up in with a good book. Add a bench or chairs, some comfortable throw pillows, and potted plants to finish your tiny backyard getaway.


Homeowners desiring a larger backyard structure find that gazebos create a magical “room” that serves a multitude of functions. In addition to providing a stunning visual addition to your outdoor space, gazebos can be used for many diverse activities, such as:

  • An outdoor space perfect for entertainment, dining, and gatherings of family and friends
  • A sheltered spot for your hot tub
  • A peaceful place to do yoga, meditate or curl up with a book
  • A covered area for your outdoor kitchen
  • Screen in your gazebo and have a mosquito-free outdoor escape!
  • A sheltered retreat to enjoy your backyard on rainy days

Your gazebo will create a cozy backyard sanctuary that will wow your visitors and adds value to your home.


Another stunning addition to any backyard is a pergola. In addition to defining your outdoor entertaining space, pergolas can provide shade on hot sunny days. Bring your pergola to life by adding a swathe of fabric or retractable cover, twinkle lights, speakers, ceiling fans – the possibilities are endless! Add some greenery with hanging plants, potted plants, or vines that climb the posts and wind over your head.

A well-designed pergola creates an outdoor room in which you can entertain friends, relax and soak in the peaceful quiet of your backyard, or create memories with family. Furnishings range from rustic tables and chairs to cushy inviting couches – let your decorating tastes come to life and create the backyard retreat of your dreams!


A beautiful yard can be further enhanced by the addition of fencing. When considering a fence, it is critical to hire a team experienced in installation and maintenance to ensure your fence is solidly built with quality materials that will stand the test of time.

Adding a fence to your yard can serve a variety of purposes:

  • Security: You will have peace of mind knowing your children and pets can play in a secure, fenced area where no unwanted visitors or animals can wander in. If you have a pool, a fence is critical to making sure no child or animal can accidentally wander too close to the pool and fall in.
  • Noise Reduction: Add the beauty of a fence while significantly reducing noise from nearby busy streets or noisy neighbors.
  • Privacy: Putting up privacy fencing can help a homeowner create a relaxed, secluded environment where they are free to entertain, let their kids play, and enjoy their peaceful outdoor retreat regardless of neighboring businesses or homes.
  • Property Value: Fencing is a huge selling point for any home. A well-maintained fence will increase your resale value down the road.
  • Design Enhancement: A fence built to complement the style of the property and landscaping will make a beautiful outdoor space even more inviting.

At Cornerstone Landscapes, we will help you design a fencing plan and choose fencing materials that fit your budget and look stunning surrounding your yard or pool. In addition to perimeter fencing, our experienced team can install pool fences and accent fences in your yard. We have a wide assortment of woods and other fencing material options to choose from including western red cedar, pressure trusted pine, redwood, composite, vinyl, ornamental, and many more. You can trust that a fence built by our experienced craftsman will look fabulous today and years to come.

Add Value to Your Home with a Custom Designed Outdoor Structure!

Adding an arbor, pergola, gazebo, or fence to your outdoor space not only creates an inviting, magical retreat but also will increase the value of your home. Let the professional designers at Cornerstone create the outdoor sanctuary of your dreams. Call us today at (662) 501-0181 to schedule a free consultation and let us show you how we could transform your yard with a beautiful arbor, gazebos, pergola, or fence.

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